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Magnificent Miles. Corium

Three Stories. Juked

Three Stories. FRiGG

Rainbow Joke. Jellyfish

Two Terrible Stories. Jellyfish

New March. Airgonaut


Fun and Wonderful Toy. New Flash Fiction Review


Monks. Matchbook


12 Microfictions. FRiGG 


My New Book. Blue Moon Review


5 drawings of the maryland sky. Ink Press


What Me? Hardly. Exquisite Corpse


Domestic. Noo


Perchance to Dream Team. Everyday Genius


5 Lines Baltimore, Everyday Genius


Stories Around People. Everyday Genius


Abundance. Matter Press


2/8. SmokeLong


Epistomology. SmokeLong


Photographers. SmokeLong


The Work Week. SmokeLong


Poems on Small Dogs. Alice Blue

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