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Our brains are wired for art. We haven't spent the past 50,000 years making art on accident. This wiring is likely evolutionary. As such, art making is critical to our survival.


Art making for me matters only less than do the people in my life. That is, it is the most important thing I do. Nothing gives me greater meaning, greater pleasure, excepting those people I mention above.


My art has much to do with meaning, figuring out how we make meaning, how we pass meaning among us, how meaning is blocked and facilitated through language, action, gesture.


Images and words are meaning vessels. Each story I write and each art piece I fashion is an exploration in the passing on of meaning from me to you. However obscure or obfuscated a piece of mine may seem, it is meant as communication. Communication doesn't always take the shortest route between two points.


Idea, intellect, and concept are important to my work. So are aesthetics, composition, contrast, and harmony. I work hard to make each piece conceptually and aesthetically whole. I want you to see, feel, and know this when you encounter my work.


All of these things, these various meanings, are passed on in any number of ways: intuitively, intellectually, aesthetically, spiritually.


Aren't we lucky? I think so. 


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