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Joe Young's lovely little fictions present objects and parts, voices guiding voices, striking images in solid prose. A city of familiar scenes rises around the reader, who may be surprised to find how quickly they attach and draw her near. These are puzzles best devoured slowly.
-Amelia Gray, author of AM/PM

It's tempting to compare Joseph's marvelous collection of microfictions to many things, miniature portraits, maybe, or model ships inside bottles, or flashes of lives glimpsed through windows in the night. But when writing is as honest and true as this, it seems wrong to call it anything but what it is: very very short, very very good stories, each one grasping at "starlight . . . out of reach" with "small and smaller tries."
-Pasha Malla, author of The Withdrawal Method

Filled with pleasure and surprise, Easter Rabbit is a series of haunting whispers that resonate. With a voice of stunning curiosity, Joe Young's microfiction is graceful and unique, a satisfying, tasteful indulgence.
-Kim Chinquee, author of Oh Baby
I've been reading and enjoying Joe Young's microfiction for years now. He can do more in 50 words than any writer I know. The tiny stories in Easter Rabbit are complete and whole, with language that surprises and never grows stale.
-Mary Miller, author of Big World

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