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Easter Rabbit

Easter Rabbit was published in 2009 by Publishing Genius Press. The book is a collection of 80 some microfictions, including those written for an art show, Deep Falls. The book won Best New Book for 2010 in Baltimore City Paper's Best of Baltimore Awards.
Easter Rabbit was reviewed widely and to good acclaim. Check out those reviews here. The Goodreads page for Easter Rabbit is here.
The trailer I made for the book is on my videos page. Read more of my microfictions and other work on the magazines page.


I self published the short novel, NAME, described as vampire realism, in 2010. The book follows its young vampire protagonist, Robert, his psychotic vampire nemesis, "the rabbit," and his great, unrequited love, Lena, as they try to make sense of thier undead existence.
The Goodreads page for NAME is here.
You can purchase the book, while supplies last, from me.
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